File Extension apk. The type with apk file extension. The File Extension APK is the acronym of Android Package. The file extension apk is a zipped packet of Java Code that runs on Android Operating system. If you are a new Android developer or a new tech geek who is exploring the terminology, you will definitely search for File Extension APK. Building android apps, or i should say building packages with File extension APK file is one of the popular College projects for Computer science students. This is the time when new minds get to explore the terminology.

file extension apk
file extension apk

With this article, i will explain you each and every detail of APK file extension. At the end, i am sure, you will be able to learn what all is there for any apk package.

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File Extension APK

As i just explained above, the Android Package a.k.a APK is the software code which is compatible for the Android Operating system. Let us now proceed further to know how this is created and how it is useful.

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How to create APK package for Android | File Extension apk creation

Steps to follow To create APK package for Android OS

This way, you will be able to create your package with the file extension apk.

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Uploading Android Package with File Extension apk on Playstore

uploading the file extension apk on playstore
uploading the file extension apk on playstore

Contents of File Extension apk

You can unzip the File extension apk , a.k.a apk file to get the file details. After you build the Android package as per the above guide, you will be able to see the following directories and sub directories in it –

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Is it possible to View Contents of File Package apk

If you wish to view the package content of apk package, you can do that. You can run as well as open the package on your computer. You can read the stepwise article to help opening contents of android package.

Which Language one should know in order to create File extension apk android app

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The languages are not that tough to learn. If your logics are strong, you will be able to create your android app with ease.

Reason behind success of Android packages with file extension apk

Important to note in the end when you are through with the file extension apk

The android package files or the file extension packages are plenty in number now. The world is expanding and hence are the number of utilities. Join the Android development and contribute to the world. Hope you will publish your file extension apk soon.