Get Unlimited Coins in Temple Run 2 | Cydia Tweak

Get Unlimited Coins in Temple Run 2 | Cydia Tweak

Get Unlimited Coins in Temple Run 2 | Cydia Tweak. Temple run 2 is updated version of the game Temple Run. This post will tell you how to get unlimited number of coins in Temple Run 2.Temple Run 2 is a endless Game where the player has to run endlessly.While running obstacles make the game tough to play.The Player gets coins in […]

Hide Whatsapp Online Status | Cydia Tweak

Hide Whatsapp Online Status

Hide Whatsapp Online Status Stepwise guide with a Cydia Tweak which will allow you to hide your online status while you will be still able to see the other person’s online status on Whatsapp. The trick works on iPhone with and without Jailbreak. Install the free cydia tweak to hide your online whatsapp status in […]

Hide Whatsapp personal messages | Cydia Tweak

convoprotect iphone Hide Whatsapp personal messages

  Hide Whatsapp personal messages. How To Lock/Hide Whatsapp Personal Messages on iPhone | Cydia Tweak : Whatsapp is a fast instant messaging application which uses the internet connection for its operation Whatsapp nowadays have become a very popular messaging app in iOS, Android, Windows as you can chat with your contacts all over the […]

Set Custom Ringtone IOS 10 | Cydia tweak

Set Custom Ringtone IOS 10

Set Custom Ringtone IOS 10. This easy guide will help you set song/music of your own choice as a ringtone alert in your iPhone with iOS. Custom ringtone is quite popular among phone users . If you’ve iPhone or cellular iPad, you can also customize alarm ringtone with custom ringtone on any iOS version you’ve. […]

Find Pokemon without moving | Cydia Tweak

find pokemon without moving

Find Pokemon without moving. This Cydia tweak for iPhone will allow Pokemon Go Players to play Pokemon Go without going out. You can actually search and capture/Get Pokemons without going anywhere physically/actually moving. They will be fixed on their GPS Position but still be able to locate Pokemons. Pokemon Go is a Popular Game developed […]

Cydia tweak to Share more than 10 photos on Whatsapp – Updated 2017

Cydia tweak to Share more than 10 photos on Whatsapp

Updated 2017 – Cydia tweak to Share more than 10 photos on Whatsapp. With Whatsapp messenger you can share chats, pics, pictures,documents,music ,docs etc via user interface. With Whatsapp you can images as well. But there is restriction when it comes to sharing plenty of images all together in Whatsapp. This Post will guide you to install […]

Disable Read Receipts Facebook Messenger | Cydia Tweak – Updated 2017

disable facebook messenger read receipt cydia tweak

Updated 2017 – Disable Read Receipts Facebook Messenger | Cydia Tweak : This Cydia Tweak will not show the read confirmation status to your chats in Facebook messenger. Facebook messenger is a popular instant messenger available for IOS Android Java Bada Blackberry and many more. Facebook messenger is instant messaging service byFacebook. The same is integrated with […]

Show fake battery percentage iphone| Cydia Tweak

show Fake battery percentage

Last Update 2017. Show fake battery percentage | Cydia Tweak: This Cydia Tweak installation will make it possible for you to display a fake battery / Low Battery value on your iPhone. You must be aware now that the tweak installation is only possible on Jailbroken iPhone devices. For Jailbreaking your iPhone , you can […]

View Private Instagram | Cydia Tweak

View Private Instagram

View Private Instagram | Cydia Tweak : This Jailbreak Cydia tweak will allow you to peep / See / Look private instagram account photos and videos. Yes , you read it right. This Jailbreak tweak gives you a tricky attempt to spy a private account photographs. This trick will guide you to View Private Instagram on […]

Reset Watusi Passcode | Cydia tweak

reset watusi passcode

Reset Watusi Passcode | Cydia tweak : Watusi is a Cydia tweak to Hack Whatsapp feature. This is available for Jailbreak users. But what if you forget your Watusi Passcode. Actually Watusi has a feature to Lock Whatsapp Chats with a Passcode. We have provided a Post related to Watusi Feature to freeze Whatsapp last […]