Clash of Clans on Windows phone is available for free. You can play Clash of Clans on Windows devices for free. Clash Of Clans on Nokia / Microsoft Windows lumia, Htc , 720,620,520,1020, and others. COC / Clash of clans is one of the top searches for Windows devices.

Download and Play Clash of Clans on Windows phone
Download and Play Clash of Clans on Windows phone

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Before you proceed, you should back up your mobile device. Go to Settings -> Backup and then follow the below steps.

Steps to Follow to Download and Play Clash of Clans on Windows phone

  1. Download wconnect and Android SDK’s ADB at here.
  2. After downloading, extract and you will get 2 files adb.rar and wconnect.rar. Extract those rar files.
  3. Extract wconnect.rar, open the extracted folder and then install IpOverUsbInstaller.msi and vcredist_x86.exe.
  4. On your Windows 10 device, go to Settings ~> Update and Security ~> For developers ~> Enable Developers Mode ~> Turn on Device Discovery.Scroll down, tap on the Pair button then copy the code it shows up to a place so we can use it later.
  5. Use the cable to connect your device with your computer.
  6. Back to the wconnect folder from the 3th step, Hold your Shift button + Right Click ~> Open command window here:
  7. Once the command windows is showed up, type wconnect.exe usb then press Enter button.
  8. The command window will ask for the pin for your device to be connected with your computer. Just enter the pin that you have generated at the 4th step.
  9. Extract the adb.rar file from the 2nd step, you will get a folder named platform-tools, open it.
  10. Download Clash of Clans apk file at here. After downloading, move it into the platform-toolsfolder.
  11. Repeat the 6th step: Hold Shift button + Right Click ~> Open command window here.
  12. Type adb device on the command window then press Enter to Ensure you connect your device properly.
  13. Assume that my apk file is com.supercell.clashofclans-v7.156.5-602-Android-4.0.3.apkType adb install com.supercell.clashofclans-v7.156.5-602-Android-4.0.3.apk on the command window then press Enter. (Remember change the apk file name as yours)
  14. Once you can see a success notice on the screen, it means Clash of Clans has been installed successfully on your device.
  15. Enjoy! You will be able to play Clash Of Clans On Windows phone.

Any Alternative of Getting Clash of Clans for Windows phone

Clash of Clans is the most popular games on the internet. There are many more ways to get Clash of Clans for Windows phone, but we highly recommend the way to get it with It is reliable and it will work definitely.

Note: You still can’t load or save your village via Google ID system because your Windows Phone 10 hasn’t had Google services yet. Please follow my steps above to install Google services on your phone!

How to install Google Services on Windows Phone 10

  1. Download AM-GApps-Tool at here.
  2. After downloading, extract then open the INSTALLER.bat file.
  3. Following the easy introduction!

Enjoy the trick 🙂

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Download and Play Clash of Clans on Windows phone
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