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Whatsapp Cydia Tweaks | Top iPhone Cydia Tweaks

Whatsapp Cydia Tweaks | Top iPhone Cydia Tweaks Whatsapp. This post will provide you the most downloaded / installed / used / rated Cydia tweaks for Whatsapp messenger. The App is an Instant messenger owned by Facebook Inc.

The Application, WhatsApp, has become a really essential mobile application. To say precisely, it has replaced Text Messaging services to a great extent. The reasons are many. To conclude, here we present you the top benefits of Using Whatsapp.

Whatsapp Cydia Tweaks
Whatsapp Cydia Tweaks

Benefits of WhatsApp | Without WhatsApp Cydia Tweaks

  • WhatsApp is free to use.
  • You can share documents and video messages.
  • There is no subscription fee.
  • You don’t have to register with an email address.
  • Your mobile number works as a WhatsApp account.

The Features list is great, but there are many restrictions Whatsapp has on an iPhone. The main you can point out as-

  • You can not Share more than 10 photos on Whatsapp in a single go.
  • No option to hide your Online Status, when you are using the WhatsApp application.
  • You can Not Freeze your Last seen status on Whatsapp.
  • There is no option to share music/songs on Whatsapp in iPhone.
  • You can not use Siri to send Whatsapp messages.

To limit out the restriction, here we bring you the most loved WhatsApp Cydia Tweaks.

After you Jailbreak your iPhone, you can proceed to Hack WhatsApp. With Hacked WhatsApp you will get access to these additional features-

Click here to know, how can you Jailbreak your iPhone.

Whatsapp Cydia Tweaks which the Jailbreak Gurus Suggest to have

  1. You can Hide your Online WhatsApp Status.

    While you use Whatsapp , you will be seen online to the person checking your profile on Whatsapp. This Whatsapp Cydia tweak will make it possible to Hide this online status. The person , chatting to you or checking your profile can not see the Online status on Whatsapp. Check out this complete post to read the stepwise guide to know how can you hide your Online Whatsapp Status. This is one of the most downloaded Whatsapp Cydia Tweaks.

  2. Freeze Your Whatsapp Last seen with a simple installation of Cydia Tweak.

    Last seen timestamp in Whatsapp is a big threat to your privacy. Though Whatsapp gives an option to hide your Whatsapp last seen, but this blocks you of seeing other people WhatsApp Last seen status. But with One of the Best Whatsapp Cydia tweaks , you will be able to Freeze Your Whatsapp last seen as well as you will be able to see other Users Whatsapp online status too.

  3. You can Share Songs on Whatsapp in iPhone. Just Check out this detailed post analysis.

    Iphone users have restrictions of sharing songs on Whatsapp. Whatsapp does not allow to share songs on iPhone interface. We get many requests by our readers to get a way so that it is possible for them to share songs on Whatsapp in iPhone. This Cydia tweak will allow them to do so.

  4. Use Siri to send Whatsapp messages.

    This Cydia tweak invokes Siri to write WhatsApp messages for you. You can use siri gesture to open Whatsapp Chats. Then you can proceed sending WhatsApp messages. Read the complete guide here.

  5. Get a Notification when your Friend comes Online on Whatsapp.

    If you are waiting for somebody to be online on Whatsapp and you keep on tracking their profile , this tweak is for you. Do not waste your time while waiting and checking their profile. Instead , you can select your friends in the tweak. The tweak will send you a notification , whenever the friend you are spying comes or goes offline on WhatsApp. You can read the complete post to get the tweak to solve your purpose. This is one of the most loved Whatsapp Cydia tweaks.


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