How to send fireworks on iPhone

How to send Fireworks on iPhone

Hello Friends !! How are you. This new article is about a super amazing feature that is available in iMessage that will allow you to send the Fireworks (Live vide / GIF) through your iPhone / iPad or Macbook. Actually this will work on every device that can send iMessage. Let us see the details.

How to send fireworks on iPhone
How to send fireworks on iPhone

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Follow the below steps to Send Fireworks on iPhone

  1. First, Open any iMessage conversation.
  2. Type the text which you want to send.
  3. Now long press the send button for few seconds until you see further options.
  4. Select screen to view various effects.
  5. Swipe your screen right until you see the Fireworks.
  6. Hit the Send button to share the message with special effects.

There are even lot more options you can share. The message you share with effects is not just a visual stuff, but it has great sound effects as well. I am sure you will love it.

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