How to Use iFunbox | iPhone 1

How to use iFunbox

How to use iFunbox without Jailbreak. This article will guide you to use iFunbox without Jailbreak and will surely answer your query of How to Use iFunbox properly. With iFunbox you can install cracked apps on iPhone directly. It is easy to use and if you use the app, believe me friends you are not going to use iTunes again.

How to Use iFunbox | iPhone , iFunbox without Jailbreak
How to Use iFunbox | iPhone

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Using iFunbox does not require your iPhone to be Jailbroken. Still if you wish to Jailbreak your iPhone, you can read this stepwise guide.

iFunbox will definitely make you escape out the usage of iTunes. You will be addicted to this app. Trust me guys, this is the best interface to connect iPhone with PC without Jailbreak

The Feature List of iFunbox without Jailbreak

  • iFunbox software is free software interface to install cracked apps.
  • With iFunbox you can take Backup of all the installed softwares.
  • You can easily browse and Navigate with the connected iPad/iPhone files.
  • It is possible to Copy images from iPad/iPhone to your computer with simple drag and drops.
  • You can Install unsigned .iPa files on your iPhone with iFunbox.
  • In short if i say, you can Use your iOS device as USB which is great.

Steps to Use iFunbox without Jailbreak

  1. Open iFunbox > Connect your iPhone to computer > Click Quicktool Box > Import Files and Data > iPod Music.
  2.  Drag-and-drop the files to the next opened window.
  3. If you have to move images, Open iFunbox and Select Camera.
  4. Select all images.
  5. Right click > Copy to Mac.
How to Use iFunbox | iPhone 1 , iFunbox without Jailbreak
How to Use iFunbox | iPhone 1

That’s it, with iFunbox you can actually transfer photos images or install softwares. When you open the layout. It will be like the below image. You will have the shortcuts to allow you to use many more interesting features.

I hope you will be able to use iFunbox without Jailbreak now. Enjoy 🙂


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