Connect iPhone with Windows 10 | How to Connect iPhone to Windows 10

Connect iPhone to Windows 10. The trick that will help you connect your iPhone to Windows 10 Pc or you can even connect an iPhone to Windows 10 Laptop. This will let you connect any iPhone model, either of iPhone 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 X or any other iPhone model with any OS version with Windows 10 systems.

There are many ways that can let you know the way to connect your iPhone. You can use Wifi, Bluetooth or the USB connection. The official way is to use iTunes. The iTunes acts as an interface between your iPhone and windows computer and you can establish either wireless connection or using the USB port. iTunes will help you connect and exchange data between iPhone and the computer.

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connect iphone to windows 10
connect iphone to windows 10

Follow the Steps to Connect iPhone to Windows 10

  • Go to Official apple website and download latest version of iTunes.
  • Double click the installation setup .exe file and follow the on screen instructions.
  • Connect your iPhone with computer using the lighting cable.
  • Mark the popup as “Trust this computer” to proceed  further.
  • Now select “Continue” on the next popup that will ask “Allow computer to access iPhone”.
  • Open the iTunes now and go to the device section.
  • Select your iPhone and you can sync data between iPhone and Windows 10 device.

You can use Wi-Fi network instead of lighting cable as well. But, for the very first time, you need lighting cable to connect to the PC or lapop. After you enable the Trust This Computer Option, you will be able to connect to the computer using Wireless network as well. To connect iPhone with Windows 10 Wirelessly, use the lighting cable for the first time, trust your computer and then you can proceed further.

Benefits of using iTunes when you connect an iPhone with the Windows 10 computer or laptop.

  • With iTunes, it is possible to sync apps data with your computer. In case you delete some app, you can restore the backup from computer as well using the iTunes.
  • iTunes is free to use and you do not have to pay any thing in order to use so many exciting features.
  • With iTunes, you will be able to add songs and videos in your iPhone.
  • You can sync other important data like your messages, your contacts locally using the iTunes.

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I am sure, you are going to like the iTunes. Enjoy the features and sync endlessly your device data. You may find other PC suites as well, but Don’t risk your privacy. Use the official iTunes and connect iPhone to Windows to enhance your iPhone experience.

Connect Airpods to iPhone 6

Connect Airpods to iPhone 6. The Apple Airpods came to existence with iPhone 7 and many users wanted to pair and so ask for a way to connect Airpods to iPhone 6. AirPods offer Apple’s latest wireless pairing system, based on a new W1 chip. They pair instantly, and that pairing propagates across all your Apple devices via iCloud. The secret sauce behind the new pairing system turned out to be all in the W1 chip in the AirPods themselves.

Connect Airpods to iPhone 6
Connect Airpods to iPhone 6

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Steps to Connect Airpods to iPhone 6

  1. Turn On Bluetooth on your iPhone 6
  2. Open the AirPods case right in front of your iPhone device
  3. Now Tap on the connect button on Airpods Control Center Card.
  4. Keep on Holding the pairing button on back of the case.
  5. You will get a notification on your iPhone and airpods.

How to check the AirPods battery

  1. Pick up your iPhone.
  2. Open the widget area with Battery information.
  3. The current battery level 0f the connected Airpods is available in the dedicated area.

Hidden Features of Airpods

  1. WIth Airpods you can control Siri.
  2. Increase or decrease the Music Volume.
  3. Make phone calls.
  4. Airpods can also control Camera of your iPhone 6.

Popular Voice Commands for Airpods

  • Turn it up
  • Turn it down
  • Skip this song
  • Start this song over
  • Rewind
  • Play more like this
  • Add this to my collection
  • Shuffle on


Airpods are extremely popular. They are taking up the market hold over the earphones sale. Many users worldwide are falling in love with the apple Airpods. The sensational thing is that no other earphone or headphone performs so many features which Airpod is capable of. I am sure you will definitely like the Airpods. Just connect Airpod to iPhone 6 and enjoy the magnificent exprience.

Wifi greyed out error | iPhone

Wifi greyed out error in iPhone does not allow to connect to the wifi network. WiFi greyed out error makes icon look grey in control centre which can not be toggled or selected further. Even the WiFi appears Off in Settings. The Same happens with Bluetooth. The problem is so irritating that you can not access the internet with wifi. You must be searching out , what actually is this problem? This is something which can happen because of multiple reasons. Read out further to know the details.

Wifi greyed out error in iPhone | Reasons for the problem

Wifi greyed out error in iPhone shows out mainly because of three reasons-

  1. The MotherBoard fault.
  2. The Jailbreak Error.
  3. Faulty Wifi Antenna.
Wifi greyed out error | iPhone
Wifi greyed out error | iPhone

Wifi greyed out error in iphone because of Motherboard fault.

Sometimes the root cause of the wifi greyed out in iPhone is the motherboard error. This may arise because of the motherboard getting faulty due to any of the reason. Most common will be

  1. Water.
  2. Using charger inappropriately.
  3. Overheating of the IC.

Any of the above reason will be impossible for you to diagnose. At home you can’t predict if you get Wifi Greyed Out icons because of these reasons. I will suggest you to first check the below Points and then go to Service centre. You might be just spending something for nothing. The Local Service guys might fool you.

Wifi greyed out error in iPhone because of Jailbreak.

The problem has been seen in Untethered Jailbroken iPhones. We are getting many emails from the Jailbreak owners of IOS 9.2 onwards. We are unable to dig, Why is it happening in iPhones though. But problems of Wifi Greyed Out Error is most common in Untethered Jailbreaks.To rectify the error We revert Back the Jailbreak to original IOS. This will resolve your problem and will make you use proper iPhone features. Actually the 9.2 to 9.4 Jailbreak are not full Jailbreaks available. They are Semi Jailbreak. Meaning they will go once you reboot your iPhone. You have to Re Jailbreak your iPhone after every reboot. The Full Jailbreaks are 100 % Stable. Sooner the full Jailbreaks will be available in market for IOS 9.2 to IOS 9.4.

Check, How can you Jailbreak IOS 9.

If You are not using a Semi Jailbroken iPhone, check the below reason. It might be your case.

Wifi greyed out error because of faulty wifi antenna.

Wifi Greyed Out in iPhone can also be due to the faulty hardware. Sometimes it is your iPhone hardware that makes your wifi and Bluetooth icons to look greyed out. The problem is so confusing that you can not figure out what is the reason of Wifi Greyed out error in iPhone. To diagnose and know if your iPhone wifi icons are greyed out because of the faulty wifi antenna, go to settings and look for the MAC address. If your iPhone shows you the MAC address, your WiFi Antenna is absolutely OK.

If you get the WiFi Mac Address, you should worry that You Might are Getting the problem because of the First Point, that is your mother board.

I am sure, you will be able to diagnose the real reason for WiFi Greyed out error in iPhone. Identify your reason and proceed accordingly. The Bluetooth and Wifi Greyed out icons will be fine and the functionality will work fine.

Share songs via bluetooth iphone

iPhone users always try to find a ay to solve their file sharing problem. This guide will assist you to transfer and share the songs using Bluetooth of your iPhone. Officially, the process is not feasible, but we have a hidden unexplored way, which you can use to send each other songs using BT band of devices.

Apple does not allow the feature to share songs over Bluetooth in IOS devices. This has become an important reason for consumers going for Android devices in similar price range.

This tweak might arisen the interest in Android users who just use Android for File Sharing.

We have shared before a Cydia tweak to download songs on iphone.Click this link for details.

Stepwise Guide to transfer Songs via Bluetooth Iphone to each other :

Iphone can be paired up via Bluetooth , and can be used to share songs or files using this trick. You just have to get an Jailbroken iphone.

Share songs via bluetooth iphone
Share songs via bluetooth iphone

With Jailbroken Iphones , many exciting features get activated. You should definitely try.

Apple Jailbreaking developers will amaze you with their skills.

Steps to share and send songs via bluetooth on iPhone :

  • First you need to have a jailbroken iphone. If you do not have , click this link to Jailbreak your iphone.
  • Launch Cydia on your Iphone.
  • Go to Manage->Sources->Edit->Add and type “” and click add source.
  • Search for the tweak AirBlue Sharing.
  • Click on install.
  • Respring springboard after installation.
  • You will get an option in your music library to transfer a copy of songs via bluetooth.

You are done with the installation. This is how your tweak search result will look like in Cydia.

Share songs via bluetooth iphone 1
Share songs via bluetooth iphone 1

Very Important Alternate on iPhone to share the songs that will work without Jailbreak

If you do not wish to Jailbreak your Apple device, alternatively you can install the Shareit app on your mobile. The app is available cross platform, meaning available for all smartphones on their respective play stores.

This way you can send or receive any file via the app. It is absolutely free way to work.

When you use this, you will get the advantage of faster data transfer.

Features of AirBlue Sharing

  • Allows you share songs via Bluetooth iphone.
  • You can share PDFs . images , videos and other kind of media.
  • Fast data sharing speed.
  • Free to use.
  • Makes your iPhone more handy to use.

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So What are you waiting for. Install and Share via Bluetooth on iPhone.