Typing Games For Kids

Typing Games For Kids

Typing Games For Kids. Now a days, kids are very curious with the mobile phones and they just love to spend time on the phones. With the available games related to typing, you can make it interesting and informative for them. They will love spending time playing the game and also, they will be enhancing a skill of typing within them.

Typing Games For Kids

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Typing Games For Kids

Now, i will get the list of top games that your kids will love playing and with that, they will be developing a typing skill. Here is the list :

  1. KeyMan

    This is one of the toughest typing game to play. You need to be really quick to play this. Here your player moves in a defined area where the ghosts come. This is similar to Pac Man Game. In Pac Man the player navigated using arrow keys and this game shows a keyboard letter in different directions randomly. You need to hit the displayed letter key and the player moves in that direction. While your player moves, you collect different items in the game play.

    Get this game and enjoy the experience.

    This game is available on browser and not on mobile platforms. But trust me this is really a good game to play. You can play the game on https://www.typinggames.zone/keyman

  2. Type-a-Balloon

    In this game, ballon flies towards the sky and are shown with a alphabet on them. When you hit the displayed letter, the balloon is burst. You have to stop balloons reaching the sky. So, just hit the key and burst the balloons.
    Interestingly, the game works on the browser and you can play it on any device including Windows, Android, iOS and Blackberry.
    To play the game, use this link – https://www.typing.com/student/game/type-a-balloon

  3. Keyboard Ninja

    This is similar to Fruit Ninja, but you have to chop the fruit by typing the keyboard letter. Each fruit will be displayed with a letter and you just have to press the key and fruit is chopped. Hit the keys faster to proceed to higher scores and levels.
    To play the game, just visit this link:

  4. Dance Mat Typing

    This is a basic game and is by one of the most reputed company / organisation. BBC Uk has published this game. It is quiet simple to play.Game is divided into levels and In the first level, little typists familiarise themselves with the “home row” keys (A, S, D, F, G, H, J, K, L).In the next levels, you can learn the keys above and below the home row. In the final level, you learn to use letters X and Z, make capital letters with the “shift” key, and type the apostrophe, slash and period.
    To play this game, visit this link: https://www.bbc.com/bitesize/articles/z3c6tfr#zgkpn39

  5.  The Typing of the Ghosts

    Objective of The Typing of the Ghosts is to type. If you are not fast to hit the words that appear on the screen fast enough so that the ghosts in the background don’t approach you. The game play runs with five lives in total, but each ghost is capable of taking one away if you aren’t fast enough.

    You can play this game @ http://mathandreadinghelp.org/kids_games/the_typing_of_the_ghosts.html

The games are available for common platforms including iOS, Android, Blackberry. I am mentioning the games which are playable on browser and you can play with any OS mobile device.

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If you have any specific query, just post a comment below. I will get back to you soon.

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