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Accelerated Mobile Pages: AMP wordpress Plugin Overview

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. WordPress has created the plugin AMP for Accelerated Mobile Pages . The plugin makes it easier and faster to browse websites even on Slower mobile networks.

Strategy behind Accelerated Mobile Pages:

The AMP is a collaborated effort from Google , WordPress , Twitter and Github. Their aim is to provide needed information to the mobile internet users on slower networks. The Website designed Today emphasise hugely on the Animations , alignment and Design of the web pages . The use of HD images and Themes on Website makes a page heavier . It requires more Kilobytes or sometimes Megabytes of your Internet to load a page. This much size of pages is heavier and takes time to load. AMP targets providing the same data over a lighter theme. The user has 2 options to view the web information of the same website . Either he can do it with normal website look and arrangement. This is recommended for higher speed internet. Or same can be viewed on a lighter AMP extension. The same page can be accessed as

Without AMP –

With AMP –

What AMP does –

  1. The Accelerated Mobile Pages cuts of the CSS part of your website which needs time to load.
  2. This makes it easy for your web browser to load the page faster.
  3. It speeds up the web browsing experience even on slower websites.
  4. You can check out the details of Accelerated Mobile Pages in this article. This is a major factor for newer SEO trends.

The Accelerated Mobile Pages aims to make pages load immediately on slower mobile devices . It also aims Web Browsing experience on Java Based Mobile Phones . Majority of the Mobile Internet users all over the world operates on slower Internet connections.  The web is slow for many, often on a 2G or sometimes 3G connection. To make pages load instantly, AMP limits only to the relevant information

AMP pages look like a very stripped down version of normal web pages, but do contain all the important content. Not all ads will work on AMP, not all analytics will work with AMP. All the “fluff” of your pages is stripped in AMP, including the read more links you might have built into your theme etc.

It focusses on Providing the information , regardless of the layout of the same.You can say , it aims in making you to eat , but you don't have a good way of presentation. What you do is , you just eat.

This post will guide you about the WordPress Plugin AMP , and how it can be interfaced with your WordPress Blog.

Using WordPress plugin : AMP for Accelerated Mobile Pages.

There are many wordpress plugins for using AMP (Accelerated Mobile pages) on WordPress. Like AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages , AMP With Postlight Mercury . But we recommend use of Official Automattic plugin AMP. It is easy to install AMP on your WordPress website.

Installing AMP WordPress Plugin:

AMP can be installed directly on your website by just clicking or by uploading the zip files for the plugin.

After you install AMP for wordpress, you can just start using the AMP pages for your website.

Here is a Plugin link for the Automattic AMP. Automattic is the same company which owns WordPress.

After you open the page , plugin page guides you to proceed further.

Accelerated Mobile pages plugin , AMP wordpress
Accelerated Mobile pages plugin , AMP wordpress.

Setting AMP WordPress Plugin : Accelerated Mobile Pages-

The WordPress AMP plugin is easy to setup and can be configured easily.

IF you wish to read basic overview of AMP , Check this article.

Check out the Post , how to Configure AMP Plugin for WordPress in our tutorial.

The AMP thing is going good. Thats why websites like eBay are supporting this concept.

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