How to Turn Off iPhone XR

TURN OFF IPHONE XR. With this article, i will answer your question, the way to Shut down / Turn Off iPhone XR. The iPhone XR is the last iPhone launch in 2018. Here is the way to turn off / Shut Down iPhone XR With and without Power button. The phone is getting popular and you should know how to use it, especially, how to turn it off and turn it on. Many of the readers, who recently have migrated to the iPhone from Android find it difficult to use. It is very easy to perform any operation. In Fact, it is comparatively easier than Android device.


iPhone XR is a good product which is popular because of its affordable price. Here are popular articles related to your device.

How to Turn off iPhone XR

There are 2 ways to do this action. One is with the use of Hardware Buttons (i.e. using the Power Button / Volume Button). If the hardware is faulty there is a different way for you.

Steps to Turn off iPhone XR With Side Power Button

  1. Press the Power Button (given on right side) or Volume Up Button.
  2. Keep holding the button, until you see “slide to power off” slider is seen.
  3. Swipe the slider towards right.
  4. That’s it. Your iPhone XR will turn off.




Steps to Turn Off iPhone Without Power Button

  • On your iPhone XR, press home button and Launch Settings
  • Now click on General.
  • Scroll below and you will find the “Shut down” option.
  • Tap it and that’s it.

To turn on your iPhone XR if power button is not working you can connect your charger and the lighting cable. It will turn on. If your home button works fine, you can press it for long and your iPhone XR will be turned on.

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Turn the location off

  1. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services.
  2. Make sure that Location Services is on.
  3. Scroll down to find the app.
  4. Tap the app and select an option to disable locations.

Similarly to turn off any service or settings, access the settings -> general and find the related area of interest.

How to Check Internet speed of your iPhone Mobile.


How to Enable your Apple ID | Enable your Apple ID

Enable apple ID. If you have recently locked your Apple ID, or it is disabled, you can enable / reenable the same Apple ID again. The process is simple and needs your specific attention.

Enable the Apple ID
Enable the Apple ID

Apple ID lets the user access any Apple device. No matter which Apple Electronic product you buy, you can access with an Apple ID. If you have multiple devices, the single Apple ID will map your saved settings same across all the devices.

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Enable Your Apple ID

You might get the need to enable the Apple ID because of many reasons. The error message you get might be from the following:

  1. Too many attempted sign-ins.
  2. This Apple ID has been disabled for security reasons.
  3. This Apple ID has been locked for security reasons.
  4. Your Apple ID has been disabled.
  5. You can’t sign in because your account has been disabled for security reasons.
  6. Please contact iTunes support to complete this transaction.

If you are getting any of the above error, do not worry. We have 100% working solution for you.

How to Enable your Apple ID

To Enable your Apple ID, you need to follow the below steps:

  • First Try to log in to your account via a web browser
  • The second thing that you have to check is that you do not have any outstanding / unpaid balance with the. If you have unpaid charge, just pay them.
  • After paying the charges, Wait for at least 8 hours for your Apple ID to start functioning again
  • If that does not work, Check that your iDevice’s Restrictions are OFF. If they are OK, please proceed to next step.
  • Reset the password on Apple’s password site, then log out & log in back into iCloud.
  • You can also Login to iforgot to authenticate your ID with your email or by answering security questions and re gain the Apple ID access.
  • Still if nothing happens, it is better to Contact Apple support.


The cause of the error are many. It can be due to the reason that you have entered the wrong password too many times in a row or not having used an Apple ID for a long time. And usually, when your Apple ID is disabled it’s not someone trying to hack your account, but rather you get yourself locked out because of a forgotten password.

Might be possible, that you have an outstanding charge or any disputed charges on Apple’s iTunes or App Store. This can also lead to deactivation of Apple ID. In this case, you have to pay the pending amount to enable your Apple ID.

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iPhone XS / XS Max Verizon every Detail | Verizon iPhone XS

Verizon iPhone XS & Verizon iPhone XS Max. The Verizon is one of the popular carrier which is giving a good deal on Apple iPhone XS. Here, i will guide you quickly about the iPhone XS which Verizon is offering. From prices to offers, from deals to coupons this will be the complete article to update you with the iPhone XS and the wireless carrier association.

Verizon iPhone XS
Verizon iPhone XS

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Verizon iPhone XS

iPhone XS and iPhone XS max are the recent launches and are available for sale worldwide. Days are gone when AT&T was the pioneer. Now Verizon gives great deals and offers that make it a good recommendation to buy.

Verizon iPhone XS

The first phone to talk about is iPhone XS. This is cheaper in comparison with the XS Max. The Company Verizon offers it n 2 plans.

iPhone XS Verizon Plan Options

Verizon iPhone XS max details
Verizon iPhone XS max details
  1. Monthly Plan

    Here you have to pay the monthly instalments to the company, where you get the services and carrier facilities. When you compare it with one time payment option, it costs a few buck more but this option is very much convenient for the low budget / fixed budget owners. Especially if you are a student, i suggest you to opt for this method only.
    Price: 41.66 USD Per Month for 24 months.

  2. One Time Payment

    The One time payment method is cheaper and just needs 999$ expenditure. Personally i recommend you to go with this if you can manage the budget.
    Price: 999$

How to Buy Verizon iPhone XS

The iPhone XS Verizon comes with 2 possible options including either store pick up or home delivery. Whichever payment method (Monthly / One Time) you choose you can opt for any method of delivery of your choice.

Colours Options

Verizon offers iPhone XS in Silver, Gold and Space Grey.

Storage options

64GB, 256 GB, 512 GB.

Verizon iPhone XS MAX

The first phone to talk about is iPhone XS. This is cheaper in comparison with the XS Max. The Company Verizon offers it n 2 plans.

iPhone XS MAX Verizon Plan Options

  1. iPhone XS Max Verizon Monthly Plan

    Similar to iPhone XS, XS Max also provides a Monthly plan where you can pay fixed amount and get the phone for yourself.

    Price: 45.83 $ per month

  2. Verizon iPhone XS Max One Time Payment

    This option will let you pay the total amount in one shot and will give you concession as compared to when you pay monthly.

    Price: 1099.99$

Colours Options Verizon iPhone XS Max

Verizon offers iPhone XS in Silver, Gold and Space Grey.

Storage options of iPhone XS Max Verizon

64GB, 256 GB, 512 GB.

I am sure you are going to love this phone. Though you can buy it directly from Apple store, but buying with a fixed carrier is cheaper. Though it restricts you to use it with freedom of choice of the carrier, still it is good option to think about. After all, money matters.

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iPhone XS Cases | Best iPhone XS Cases and Covers

iPhone XS Cases. The wide range of Cases and Covers of iPhone XS. The iPhone XS is the latest iPhone of 2018 and the phone protector case and covers are in demand now. Here i am bringing you the top 3 products that are dominating the market.

iPhone XS Cases | Best iPhone XS Cases and Covers
iPhone XS Cases | Best iPhone XS Cases and Covers

I can provide countless number of images and recommendation but that is of no use. Here is the list of top 3 phone covers that are ruling the market. This list is based on the cumulative analysis of the data from, and Google Search trends.

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iPhone XS Cases and Covers

If you search on the internet, you will find many products. Amazon and other shopping sites are flooded with the sellers and hence with the products. Apple officially is selling the iPhone XS and iPhone XS max cases and covers. I recommend it to buy from them only.

Here is the list of the top filtered products.

Best iPhone XS Cases

  1. iPhone XS Silicone Case

    This is the most simple sober design of the available cases. The silicone cover looks appealing. Apple offers many colour options in the available stuff. The product looks stunning.

    Price: $39.00
    Shop Now.

    Best iPhone XS Cases and Covers
    iPhone XS Silicone Cases : Orange / Nectarine Color

    The other available colour options are

    Best iPhone XS Cases and Covers
    Best iPhone XS Cases and Covers: iPhone XS Silicone Case available colour options
  2. iPhone XS Leather Folio

    The iPhone XS leather cover is my favourite. Though it does not look trendy but the classy elegant look it has is amazing. The product is available in different colours. Here are the images of black and green colour.

    best iphone xs cases and covers | IPHONE XS CASES AND COVERS
    IPHONE XS CASES AND iPhone XS Leather Folio

    The case has internal pockets which are very useful to carry basic stuff like cash and cards along with a phone. You no need carry a wallet every time.

    Price: $99.00

    Shop Now:

  3. OtterBox Statement Series Case with Felt Accent for iPhone XS

    iPhone XS Silicone Cases | OtterBox Statement Series Case with Felt Accent for iPhone XS
    OtterBox Statement Series Case with Felt Accent for iPhone XS
    best iphone xs cases and covers | OtterBox Statement Series Case with Felt Accent for iPhone XS
    best iphone xs cases and covers
    iphone xs cases and covers
    iphone xs cases and covers | OtterBox Statement available colours

    This transparent cover for the new iPhone XS is in demand with youth. University students, especially the trendy one are opting for this mobile cover.
    Actually this is not a complete transparent product, rather it is a semi transparent case which preserves the original look of the iPhone.

    Price: $39.95
    Shop Now

Why I recommend Apple inc to Buy iPhone XS Cases and covers

The cases and covers are available everywhere. From local shops to E commerce websites of China, the products are in abundance.

Most probably you will get even more stylish and cheap stuff. But please do not buy them. Here are the top reasons:

  1. The material in use might be carcinogenic. There is no regulation to monitor if the plastic or material in use is cancer causing or not.
  2. The product quality of Apple cases is perfect and the cases last longer. They are more durable to use.
  3. You can not trust the material a non branded company is using. There were many articles that were claiming that the sellers are creating toys and similar stuff of the used condoms. This sounds really weird but is fact.

Still if You want to buy trendy stuff, you can buy it from the one of the best seller after Apple inc with the best prices using this link- AMAZON

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So, please make your mind. If you are opting the best, consider the product quality and authenticity as a bigger parameter. I expect you should not compromise with the health.

Apple Watch Screen replacement | Apple Watch Screen Repair

Apple watch screen replacement. The apple watch screen repair will get the screen glass replacement. If your Apple watch screen is broken and you are looking for Apple watch screen replacement or apple watch screen repair, you must understand that the Apple Official replaces the broken screen of any Apple watch series 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 cellular and non cellular.

Apple watch screen replacement
Apple watch screen replacement

Yes, you read it right. When you break the screen of your Apple watch and you take it to the service centre, the Apple company will change the complete screen folder and that will cost you something great.

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Apple Watch Screen Replacement | Apple watch screen repair

To start with i will share my personal experience. I got the apple watch from USA and in just a single month i was upset with the product. Trust me, till date don’t know how it happened. It never fall down. I was wearing it and when i raised my hand to check the time i found it broken. Same thing i told the Apple care and they did not consider this request genuine.

There was no option for me other than watch repair at my own expense. I called the customer care and they told me a rough estimate of around 250 USD. I got the new watch for around 350 USD but still i went for a repair from service centre only.

Is it Worth to get Apple Watch Screen replacement or repair from Service centre

Personally telling, Apple watch is not a product which justifies its cost and use. I like the watch but find it a waste of money. If you have purchased the watch and have broken it, i will say go for a repair from Apple only. From local shops you might get it repaired for cheaper price, but that will be something compromise with the quality. Apple watch is a sensitive product and i recommend it to get repaired from authorised centres, no matter how much they charge for it.

Process of getting Apple watch screen replacement with the apple watch repair

  1. First of all Unpair the Apple Watch from your iPhone.
  2. Now submit the watch dial without the bands to the service centre.
  3. Take the screenshot of the confirmation.
  4. You will be intimated when the screen is replaced.

Cost of Apple Watch Screen Replacement | Apple watch screen replacement

In different parts of world cost of apple watch repair lies in a price range of 240$ – 325$. but the cost may vary slightly from one country to other. For eg, i paid 243 USD for apple watch screen replacement in US and the same costs around 325$ in India.

You should visit the apple centre for the watch repair and should start handling it with care in future. The product is very delicate and i will not recommend it to use for children especially if you are play outdoor.

Here is the video which i created telling the conversation with the official Apple inc.

How to Restart iPhone XS

Restart iPhone XS. If you have recently got the new iPhone XS or iPhone XS max, and you have a question “How to Restart Iphone XS”, this guide is for you. Sometimes it happens that because of some or other reason, you have to restart your mobile device. The new Apple product is available for sale all over the world.

How to Restart iPhone XS
How to Restart iPhone XS

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How to Restart iPhone XS

There are 2 very popular ways to restart your iPhone XS again. Both the steps are easy and will do the required thing in minutes. Here are the details.

Steps to Restart iPhone XS using Settings without using volume button

  • First of all Open the Settings -> General.
  • Now Scroll down to the bottom and tap Shut Down.
  • Press the side button on the right side of the phone to turn it back on.
  • That’s it.

Steps to restart iPhone XS using Volume Button

This method is very fast and works the best. Even if your phone gets stuck, this method will work with a surety. Here are the steps that you have to follow to restart your iPhone XS or iPhone XS max.

  1. Press the Power Button and Volume Up Button together.
  2. Check when the iPhone gets off without removing your hand out of any button.
  3. Continue holding both the buttons until you see the Apple Logo.
  4. Once you see the Logo, wait for he iPhone to Show the normal display screen.
  5. That’s it.


If you are restarting the iPhone and it is stuck in black screen mode, you should try this method that will assist you to rectify screen freeze problem on iPhone XS.

iPhone XS is a successor to iPhone X. iPhone X was not a big success but the company is seeking a great output from this model.

How to Close apps on iPhone XS | iPhone XS Max

Close apps on iPhone XS. This guide will assist you to close apps on iPhone iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. 10s is latest Apple product and comes with a brother iPhone XS Max. Using it is somehow different, especially the way you close the open or running apps. The new iPhone XS does not have a physical home button and until iPhone X. Older devices required press of home button and then closing of the apps.

How to Close apps on iPhone XS
How to Close apps on iPhone XS

Now when your phone Hardware is different the process gets different.

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Close Apps on iPhone XS

The iPhone apps which you open and minimise remain open in the background. You should close them to reduce the processor usage. This will in turn speed up your iPhone a bit and will reduce the battery consumption. As the iPhone XS does not have the Home button, it is somewhat tricky to close apps on iPhone XS.

Steps to Close Apps on iPhone XS

  1. Unlock your iPhone and swipe up from the bottom of the screen.
  2. A layout of open apps will appear.
  3. Move up the running app cards to end the app process.
  4. That’t it. You are done.

Repeat the steps until you see the home button. Same works for Apple iPhone XS Max as well.

The above steps can also be performed using assistive touch. The assistive touch can be accessed from the screen and you can use the option to press Home button.

Note: When you quit any application, do not worry if you want it to run in background. In the background they will keep on performing the activities as per their configured settings. For example, even if you stop the Whatsapp, you will still receive the Whatsapp message notifications if anybody sends you the message.

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How to Fix iPhone XS Stuck with Black Screen

Recently We heard from some users that their iPhone XS Stuck after update to iOS, or even worse, iPhone randomly shuts off and won’t turn back on, showing a black screen without figuring out the reason. If bothered by the same trouble, you can take below ways to fix bricked iPhone XS screen freezing and black issue.

How to Fix iPhone XS Stuck with Black Screen
How to Fix iPhone XS Stuck with Black Screen

We will also take a look at the reasons behind this issue before starting the troubleshooting process.

Problem: iPhone XS Black Screen and Unresponsive

Just above we’ve mentioned above, users encountered this problem after iOS update on their iPhone XS. This confirms that somehow software is one of the real reasons. Many a times it happens that Apple gets some glitches and bugs in the new software updates.

Not only this,  there is a big possibility that insufficient iPhone storage may also be a problem. Though iPhone XS’s storage space is much bigger than the former models, but some users will also encounter storage lack issue after importing too many videos and large files.

The reason of a malware or virus is very less. iOS is Linux Based OS which is not attacked by the Virus.

Problem Solution: How to Fix Stuck iPhone XS with Black Screen

Method 1: Hard Reset iPhone XS to Fix Screen Black Freezing

Hard reset iPhone XS will fix some minor problems. This is the easiest method to fix the problem.  This method is an easy and free way to go when iPhone screen is black.

You can try to force restart iPhone XS with the following steps:

  • First Press and release the volume up button.
  • After that Press and release the volume down button.
  • Now Press and hold the side button until the screen turns off and then turns back on.
  • Release the side button when the Apple logo appears.
  • That’s it
How to Fix iPhone XS Stuck with Black Screen hard reset
Fix iPhone XS Stuck with Black Screen hard reset

Reset does not work always because of server limitations. You can proceed to method 2 if first does not work for you.

Method 2: Restore iPhone XS with iTunes

This method will lose your data. You can also try iTunes to fix the iPhone XS random bricked black screen issue.

Connect your device with iTunes, and in normal cases you can go to Summary > Restore.

How to Fix iPhone XS Stuck with Black Screen iTunes fix method
Fix iPhone XS Stuck with Black Screen iTunes fix method

While in this case, most of users replied that iTunes failed to recognise when iPhone XS screen blackout and not responding. You then should put the device into Recovery Mode first. A prompt will pop up asking whether to Update or Restore. Click Restore and follow the directions.

Still, if none of the solutions works to fix iPhone XS no response and is still showing black screen, it’s mostly likely related with hardware problem. I recommend to Contact Apple Repair Center to ask for a repair service.

Best Wireless Charger for iPhone XS and XS Max

Best Wireless Charger for iPhone XS. Here is a list of best wireless Charger for the newly launched iphone XS and iPhone XS Max. With these great chargers, you will enhance the iPhone experience.

The Latest Apple iPhone models are most convenient to charge than every other iPhone model available. iPhone Xs and iPhone XS Max offer wireless charging and the demands of such charger pads are increasing daily.

Best Wireless Charger for iPhone XS and XS Max
Best Wireless Charger for iPhone XS and XS Max

Apple iPhones support the wireless technology where the phone can be charged using contact based wireless charger. Many sellers have partnered with Apple and are releasing the chargers in market.

Best wireless charger for iPhone XS and iPhone XS

  • RAVPower RP-PC069 Wireless Charging Stand

    RAVPower RP-PC069 Wireless Charging Stand best Best Wireless Charger for iPhone XS and XS Max

    The RAVPower’s latest charging stand has got a sleek, unassuming design with a nice big pad to rest your phone on, and two coils so your iPhone will charge in either portrait or landscape orientation. When you see the product, the inclination angle will make you think that your FACE ID feature will be affected. But while testing, we checked and the feature was working absolutely fine. The charger output power is suitable for the iPhone.

    There is a good feature of the charger that cools the device and allows it to use continuously for longer duration. But the feature makes the charger slow.

    The best thing about this charger is that it fits perfect in your budget. Though it is not as cheap as others but the product quality deserves this price.

    Price: 59$.

  • Nomad Wireless Charging Hub

    Nomad Wireless Charging hub Best Wireless Charger for iPhone XS and XS Max

    As the name says this charging hub will allow you to charge multiple devices at the same time. The product delivers a total power of 30 W all together. You can connect USB chargers along with a wireless charging smartphone as well.

    This is very much suitable for tech geeks who carry a lot of gadgets all together. With a single power socket available, this charger can let them use it for many devices all together.

    Price: 80$.

  • Samsung Wireless Charging Pad

    samsung wireless charger Best Wireless Charger for iPhone XS and XS Max

    While trying this product i was little worried about the performance of the competitor company product for Apple phone. But This is a super product from Samsung. It worked absolutely fine with the both iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max devices.

    If you are in a market and you are confused that which charger you should pick, i am sure most of them will go for Samsung because of the brand awareness. You can do that. Product is good. But you should not just simply ignore other options. The charger is a total wireless charger and unlike Nomad wireless hub, it will not provide option to use usb.

    But when it comes to charging speed, it charges Samsung phone faster by providing them an output of 9 W. For iPhones, charging process was somewhat slower.

    Price: 60$.

  • Belkin BOOST UP Wireless Charging Pad

    Belkin BOOST UP Wireless Charging Pad Best Wireless Charger for iPhone XS and XS Max

    Belkin has a good brand name and the products are reputed good quality ones. The company has tied up with Apple officially to produce fast charging chargers. The wireless pad provides a good power output and charges your phone at pretty decent speed.

    There is a soft grip on the charger which protects the phone body from developing scratches because of continuous contact with the charger.

    Price: 50$.

  • Anker Wireless Charging Pad

    Best Wireless Charger for iPhone XS and XS Max Anker Wireless Charging Pad

    This is the cheapest wireless charger which i feel is good as well. There might be other even more cheaper local chargers but please do not try them all. If you are specifically checking for a cheaper product, this one is the best suited for you.

    Price: 20$

Great! You have the best Wireless Charger

I am sure you will love the above mentioned products Do comment below with the details and feedback about the charger you selected.

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{Tutorial}: How to Screenshot on Macbook

The Apple Laptops or computers including the Macbook Air / Pro / MAC Mini / Desktop work in a similar way. With this you can screenshot on Macbook Pro 2011 / 2017 / 2018/ 2019/air/new air as well. The operation to capture screen is similar on every Apple Macbook device. When you recently start using the Apple computers, you feel a necessity to know how the basic operations are done.

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I am using my laptop since almost 5 years now. Still, many a times, i have to rely on internet for some queries. Though these are not the basic one’s. I feel difficult, when i am automating my computer operations. That time, i seek for online help.

Anyways, let’s stick to our topic.

How to Screenshot on Macbook

how to screenshot on macbook of desired selection
how to make a screenshot on macbook of desired selection

Follow the below steps and get the screenshot of macbooks using the below steps:

  1. On your keyboard, press Command + Shift4. A cursor will appear.
  2. Press and hold Mouse left button  / Trackpad left button.
  3. Now by moving the highlighted cursor on the screen select the desired area of concern.
  4. Release the Mouse Button when you want to end.
  5. A file will be created with the screen captured area.
  6. That’s it.

Supported devices List where you can screenshot using above steps:

  • MacBook Pro 2018
  • MacBook Pro 2017
  • The MacBook Pro 2016
  • MacBook Pro 2015
  • MacBook Pro 2014
  • The MacBook Pro 2013
  • MacBook Pro 2012
  • The Macbook Pro 2011.
  • The Macbook Air
  • MAC Mini


When you want to fully capture the screen of the computer, you can press “3” instead of “4”.  This is similar to Print Screen of Windows.In that case, entire screen will be captured and saved in a document. You can edit the content anytime you want. It behaves like a normal image file only.

how to screenshot on macbook of full screen
how to capture a  screenshot on macbook of full screen

The way to “Print Screen” on MAC is Command + Shift + 3.

To capture a screenshot without Keyboard on Macbook Pro / Air / Mac Mini / Desktop:

how to screenshot on mac
how to screenshot on mac
  1. Open Finder on your Macbook.
  2. Go to Applications -> Utilities -> Grab.
  3. Now from the Menu, select either Selection / Window / Screen.
  4. Use your mouse to select and confirm the area to capture.
  5. On the new open window, make the required change and save the image file.
  6. Enjoy.

Signing Off

You can use the ways to take the screenshot on any of the apple device. The file is very useful in many case. You can send the screenshot to your friends as well. The tricks are popular and are very simple. You can subscribe to the notifications and stay updated.

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