Reality of iPhone 8 the battery issue

Swollen Battery for 1000 Dollars – Reality of iPhone 8

iPhone 8 is the latest launch of Apple which costs around 1000 US Dollars for one device. But the Battery problem in iPhone 8 is a serious concern which Apple can not ignore. Reports all over the world are in news and the swollen battery is taking down the company’s repo.

The Apple Rival Samsung also faced the issues with the exploding battery earlier this year and it was tough for them to withstand the market concerns.

Reality of iPhone 8 the battery issue
Reality of iPhone 8 the battery issue


Since its launch after 22 September there have been many reported cases for the Battery issue which apple denied to accept in the begining. After a genocide of complaints was pooped, Apple was left with no other option. Now they are responding with the possible solutions and taking the concern seriously. Lets hope, the issue gets resolved, but there is no point of spending a big amount on iPhone 8 for now.

iphone 8 battery issue screen
iphone 8 battery issue screen


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On a serious side, this problem is a bigger one but still it is better than the samsung explosions. The samsung company went down marginally after the worldwide complaints of battery explosions were recorded. Swollen battery will not impact that much but still. iPhone X have not received such complaints and the company hopes for the best with X iPhone.

Don’t Worry

Apple is a brand and it will not play with the company’s esteem just because of the battery swelling. Definitely the users will get some compensation with a definite device replacement. This is not officially declared by Apple, but with Brands like Apple the customer can still expect the satisfaction. Needless to say, the Apple iPhone 8 is one of the trending most Gadget searches and now the phone issue is trending the search. Sooner, the query will be the search for places to get it replaced.


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