Wechat Account without Phone Number
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Wechat Account without Phone Number

Wechat Account without Phone Number. Create / Get Wechat Account without Phone Number for free. Yes, you can create Wechat Account without Phone Number verification. All you need to do is that you have to install Talk2 app on your device. My last article was for the way to create Telegram Account without phone number. It was liked by many. Thanks for such an overwhelming response. The similar steps will be applicable for Wechat. Don’t worry, i will elaborate them again.

Wechat Account without Phone Number

Wechat Account without Phone Number
Wechat Account without Phone Number

Before you proceed, you should download Talk2 app in your smartphone. Talk2 is a messaging and calling app that will give you a Virtual phone number. It is just like you are creating an account on Facebook and Facebook recognises you with a new phone number instead of a profile. With this Phone number, you can make calls too. It is a great app to have. You can install the app on iOS and Android platforms. Links are given below –

After you install the App, create a user account. You will get a phone number. Use this phone number in below steps.

How to Create Wechat Account Without Phone Number

  • Open Wechat App and proceed to create the user account.
  • Enter the Talk2 number as guided above and follow the onscreen instructions.
  • You will receive verification code on Talk2 number.
  • Use this verification account and your wechat account will be active without your phone number.

Benefits of Using Talk2 to get Wechat Account without phone number

  • You don’t have to pay for anything.
  • Your original phone number is not public.
  • This will help you create impression on others as for them it is a user account from different country.

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