Wifi Speed test

WiFi Speed Test | Check your wifi internet speed free

Check here The WiFi Network or the broadband Wifi speed performance of your service provider. The free tool will help you calculate the download / upload / browsing speed of your wifi Router / Modem. The software is trusted worldwide and we do not charge anything for this. Just open up the browser and click the speed check button and that is it.

Wifi Speed test
Wifi Speed test

WiFi Speed test

This speed test to check the upload and download speed of your wifi connection is free to use and you can check the details by just click of single button. The data is visible to you in seconds.

Most of the times you, when you start using the internet connection, you are promised of a certain data connection speed. When you start using, you realise that your internet is slow, but the question is how much. You need to have some data to talk to your internet provider. With this WiFi speed test, you can get to see the connection speed and talk to your concerned person. This will also help you compare different internet providers and choose your option wisely.

Let us proceed to read the steps.

Steps to do the WiFi Speed Test

  1. Connect to internet and then open the web browser of your device.
  2. Now Click here to locate the speed test For Your website.
  3. On the page, click the test button and wait patiently for the detailed analysis.
  4. Just Wait for few seconds and the tool will tell your internet connection speed.
  5. That’s it. Enjoy.

WiFi Router Speed Test

  1. Install Router speed testing app using this link.
  2. On application tab, click Network check.
  3. Now tap Test Wi-Fi on the Network check screen.
  4. You will get the router speed data with every connected device

  1. Android Download Link
  2. iOS Download link

Something really important to note

When you perform the internet speed test, you will realise how your service provider conveys the thing and how it is actually. Suppose if your service provider says that your wifi speed is 50 MBPS, you will come to know that 50 MBps is download + Upload speed. Meaning to say, 50 mbps could be 25 upload + 25 download or 30 upload and 20 download or any other value. But the maximum combination will be 50 Mbps.

Just make sure, when you purchase the plan next time, you just clear up this doubt.

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